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Biometric Device

Safety, security and reliability are at the core of our biometric device range, find the perfect device for your workplace.

Whether you’re a system integrator or software developer, we offer biometric devices compatible with your requirements. Choose a tablet, a handheld terminal, a desktop terminal or even a kiosk machine. Built upon our customization expertise, our biometric terminals are designed for quick customization and easy prototyping, so you can get the exact solution you want.

Biometrics include a wide variety of modalities, including fingerprinting, iris recognition and face recognition, etc. By deploying multimodal biometric systems, our biometric solutions have increased accuracy, reduce criminal access, and save time.

IP67 Android Biometric Tablet POS

TPS450 is an Android Tablet POS terminal with 8-inch high-definition touch screen, a biometric fingerprint, iris identification scanner…

8-inch Android Face Recognition Access Control Terminal

PS980 is an Android Biometric Face recognition Terminal with an infrared sensor and face recognition camera.